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George Salcieanu - the Romanian HUNTER - George Salcieanu - the Romanian HUNTER -
George Salcieanu - Travel GUIDE International - George Salcieanu - Travel GUIDE International - George Salcieanu - Travel GUIDE International -

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TOURISM - my passion:
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GEORGE - the Romanian HUNTER & Travel GUIDE International - organizes - in collaboration with the Hunting Associations - fantastic Hunting parties/expeditions throughout Romania, offering 5 Stars tourist assistance and complete professional Hunting services, with experience in the field and high success rate.

Are you passionate in Hunting ? I am your solution ! I invite you to Romania - an ideal destination for Hunting.
Guaranteed you will live with me an unforgettable hunting experience, safe and much hunted - animals/birds - in our target.
God has blessed us with a very rich country in terms of wildlife, with a diversified relief that abounds in beautiful landscapes, but also with unique places in Europe – BUZAU county (considered the most diversified and rich hunting area) or the Danube DELTA (considered to be the most beautiful hunting habitat in Europe for all aquatic species).
The hunting fauna from our country lives totally wild, has a great force and an exceptional quality of trophies, and the variety of hunting species ensures practically a permanent hunting season.

HUNTING in Romania - BIRDS: Quail; Goose; Duck; Dove; Pheasant; Partridge; Lark; Starling; Thrush/Fieldfare; Woodcock; Capercaille.

Hunting QUAIL in Romania Hunting GOOSE in Romania Hunting DUCK in Romania Hunting PIGEON in Romania Hunting PHEASANT in Romania Hunting PARTRIDGE in Romania

HUNTING in Romania - Small ANIMALS: Rabbit/Hare; Fox.

Hunting RABBIT in Romania Hunting RABBIT in Romania Hunting FOX in Romania

HUNTING in Romania - Big ANIMALS: Roe-Buck/Roe-Deer; Boar; Chamois; Red Deer; Fallow Deer; Wolf; Bear; Lynx.

Hunting Wild Boar in Romania
Hunting ROE BUCK in Romania Hunting ROE DEER in Romania Hunting WILD BOAR in Romania Hunting CHAMOIS in Romania Hunting RED DEER in Romania


We always go to Hunting with Dogs/Hounds for the removal and recovery of the hunting.

Hunting in Romania Hunting in Romania


During your stay in Romania, I can organize for you: trips with tourist interest near hunting areas, horseback riding, hiking.
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calarie drumetii drumetii turism


Do you like also Fishing ?
I can organize intense fishing parties in the Danube DELTA or in some famous Lakes.
Carp and Pike from Danube are wild specimens well-stocked, which reach large sizes in our waters, not the mention this fish are very-very tasty in the dish :-)
We can enjoy a relaxation in some beautiful fishing parties.

pescuit pescuit pescuit pescuit


Come to enjoy Real HUNTING parties together in Romania!

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