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Law - 407/2006 - hunting and protection of hunting fund
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GAHSF (AGVPS) - General Association of Hunters and Sports Fishermen from Romania
Web: www.agvps.ro
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NFA - National Forest Administration - ROMSILVA
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The Ministry of Environment and Forests
Web: www.mmediu.ro
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Book - Publishing Ceres : The Game and the hunting in Romania
The Game and the hunting in Romania


1. How can you become a hunter?

2. What conditions must be met foreigners from EU countries in order to practice hunting in Romania?

3. What conditions have to meet a foreigner, an EU member, in order to acquire permanent hunting license in Romania?

4. In what circumstances is a member hunter has not changed within the period prescribed by Order no. 539/2009, hunting license?

5. Which of hunting associations to which a member is enrolled hunter may hunt free permanent license, specified by Order no. 539/2009?

6. How can a hunter get a new permanent hunting license for the previous loss?

7. How can a hunter get a coupon for any accident insurance hunting?

ALL ANSWERS - THE MOST AUTHORIZED: http://agvps.ro/faq/permis-de-vanatoare/


Hunting in Romania for Foreign Citizens (Hunters) is possible under the following conditions:

- Foreign hunters applicants must:
• be members of a hunting society (association) in home country
• know and accept all the hunting rules and conditions of our country (www.agvps.ro / www.rosilva.ro / www.mmediu.ro)

- The entering in Romania with the gun is made only with a LETTER of INVITATION to HUNTING

- The foreign hunter must have the following valid documents:
• hunting permit
• gun permit
• ID card / passport
• International medical insurance covering Hunting Accident
• the hunter must be in the possession of his gun that he wants to participate in hunting: brand, series, caliber
• hunting license
• dog health certificate or passport (if applicable)

- The following must be specified:
• the date of entry in Romania
• departure date from Romania
• the border crossing point, input and output
• the period and the hunting species required

We organize hunting parties that will take place only based on the HUNTING PERMITS (TEMPORARY HUNTING PERMITS ) - issued only by legal and functional HUNTING ASSOCIATIONS that we work with.

- Hunting is carried out only in groups, minimum 2 persons - in the presence of a companion - the organizer of the group, that will be responsible for the protection and the safety in the hunts and the organization in the best conditions of hunting.

Hunters from European Union do not need visas for entry into Romania.
Hunters from countries outside the European Union need a visa to enter Romania.
Ammunition are not permitted in the main luggage.

According to the Romanian legislation :
- maximum number of bullets for each carbine is 50\ and maximum 100 cartridges for each shotgun.
- Caliber should not be less than 5.6 mm; Hunting is prohibited with more than 3 cartridges in the shotgun charger
- A hunter can have up to 2 guns, even if they are of the same caliber
- Hunting dog can be brought in Romania only accompanied by veterinary certificate which must not be older than 10 days before entering the country. The dog must be vaccinated against rabies, with at least 1 month and no more than 12 months before the date of entry in Romania.


Additional Explanation - legal, true and universally valid - for Romania:

- firstly, the BASIC RULE: In Romania, as a foreigner (not romanian citizen), you can hunt only if you are a Hunter in your residence country !

this means, to obtain hunting permits (papers authorization for foreigner hunters to hunt: type of animal/bird ~ interval days) must have these documents - all togheder - in your name and valid:

- GUN PERMIT : in the first place, the most important, you must have at your name a GUN PERMIT (for hunting shot-gun / not kalashnikov or pistol :-)); this shows / proves that you have/possessed legal at least one shot-gun(not necessarily bring it with you in Romania) and you know how to wield / use a shot-gun.
WHO DOES NOT HAVE A GUN PERMIT - HE CAN NOT HUNT IN ROMANIA (logically, if someone has never held a gun in his hand - how can he go hunting...).

So, the GUN PERMIT has 3 functions:
- you can buy/possessed legal a gun
- you can travel with gun
- it is like a license to use firearms, shows / proves that you know how to wield / use a shot-gun (for this particularity we need this document)

- HUNTING PERMIT : to be a Hunter, for this entitling you must have a certified ~ license ~ document proving that ( in UE, Romania including, is called HUNTING PERMIT, it's like a little card who shows that you are a Hunter, the title itself).

ATTENTION: it may be confused, when I asked for this document I referred to a document issued by your country - as a entitling, of course in Romania we take care about hunting permits in the sense papers authorization for foreigner hunters to hunt, where will be specified people who will hunt / type of animal/bird / interval days, papers that we have to have to us in the field when we are hunting, in the case of police control...

- MEDICAL INSURANCE : international medical insurance covering hunting accident. In Romania, when you're hunting, you must have medical insurance against accidents for hunting, valid throughout the stay / hunting parties; can doit in Romania, it would be better if you can do that in your country.

- In Romania the hunters are part / are members of a Hunting Association, for this we have MEMBERSHIP CARD HUNTER - in your documentation i do not need that, unless you have something like this - this is the least important.


Hunting in Romania Hunting in Romania
Hunting in Romania Hunting in Romania
Hunting in Romania Hunting in Romania
Hunting in Romania Hunting in Romania
Hunting in Romania






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