Hunting Funds and Associations


Hunting Funds and Associations

We are a complete team of professional Hunters and we organize - in collaboration with numerous partners ~ Hunting Associations - truly-beautiful hunting parties throughout Romania, offering assistance and complete professional hunting services, with experience and high success rate.

Our favorite hunting area and the most accessible (native - where I grew up and began to hunt) is - Buzau County - wich has a diverse and complete relief, rich hunting grounds ideal for most types of game, hunting tradition in history, and wich is famous throughout Europe for its rich wildlife and many remarkable species, some of them hold record:
- In Plain: rabbit, roe deer, roebuck, fox, pheasant, geese, ducks, partridges, quail, doves, larks
- Mountain and hill: Wild boar, bear, wolf, chamois, red deer, fallow deer, capercaillie

The hunting lands are arranged and prepared in timely manner, insured and carefully organized for hunting, with everything needed, to maximize your chances of searching and attracting the game:
- Setting traps and Callers
- Digging holes, huts, foldings, camouflage tents and hunting towers

Hunting Association "Caprioara Ramnicului"  - Main Partner 

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