Hunting in Romania - Capercaille

 Hunting Capercaille in Romania

Hunting Season: [ 20 April - 10 May ]

Hunting Method: the Noble Hunting !
Hunting Capercaille is made during their mating period (middle of March, beginning of April) in the time of Rotate of Capercaille, when males opens its tail in fan, rotate and spinning in circles and semicircles in his home ~ area, they are fighting among themselves and make strong sounds that attract females !
Hunting methods are:
- prowl hunting at the rotate and fighting area, in places ~ open in the forest ~ where they gather together with females,
- but the most spectacular hunting Capercaille (passed from generation to generation) it is the fumbling hunting : approaching, during the Capercaille song, to Capercaille which rotates in the tree or on the ground, when the hunter, in hidden, makes 2 or 3 steps - during the third stanza/strophe (the last part of the song) - called the rub-stone/grinder song("tocilat"), when the rooster/Capercaille does not hear and does not see; all the beauty of this hunting consist in the craftsmanship, patience and emotions of the hunter to succeed to approach the burning love roosters/ Capercailles, at the same time deceiving the vigilance of their "brides" ~ chickens, which give the danger alarm for the smallest suspicion.
The Capercaille song has three stanzas: start of "toaca" a "toc-toc-toctoctoc.." followed shortly after by "urdup" the sound like removing a cork from the bottle, ending with a "siciritsiciritsiciritsicirit" - "tocilat" a rub-stone song that resembles with the sound of a sharpening the Ax.
The Capercaille get down on the ground near his home ~ area, singing and rotating spinning in circles and semicircles in the home ~ area, making leaps of 1-3 meters and giving wings stronger.
The tail is fan-shaped and the wings ajar leaving footprints in the snow with tip feathers.
Hen voice is a "got-got-got" and the love mating is usually early in the morning, in the home area of the most powerful Capercaille.

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