Mallard ducks hunting in Romania Common teal ducks hunting in Romania Garganey Ducks hunting in Romania


Hunting season:
[ 1 september - 28 february ]

About Ducks hunting in Romania (Mallard duck - Anas platyrhynchos L. / Common teal duck - Anas crecca L. / Garganey - Anas querquedula L.): authorized information - official source: GAHSF (AGVPS) - General Association of Hunters and Sports Fishermen from Romania - /

Hunting Method: hunting at prowl ~ crossing/passage of morning and evening
In the morning and in the evening, while ducks are flying in the passage / crossing the sky, hunters are hiding in reeds and shoot...!
ideal is to have Boat for movement on water, even/maybe a dog for recovery the ducks shot
we can put decoys on water, even MP3 with Calling ~ Sounds , but the easiest is classic blowers ~ Calling Ducks
for maximum safety, always the rule is when hunters hiding somewhere they announcing each other...making a sign or wearing at least a red cap, to not shoot in that direction...
Ideal weather for hunting ducks: gloomy weather, fog and wind.

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