Partridges hunting in Romania


Hunting season:
[ 15 october - 31 december ]

About Partridges hunting in Romania (Perdix perdix): authorized information - official source: GAHSF (AGVPS) - General Association of Hunters and Sports Fishermen from Romania - /

Hunting Method: hunting on foot – walking / group of hunters ~ maximum 6
This game can hunt on foot – walking all day, from morning to evening.
ideal and most beautiful is to have hound/dog for pointing, leap up and recovery the partridge shot.
Partridges are very common in areas like: vineyard, maize, sunflower.
hunting like this, in a successful day - with dog - you can shoot 15 ~ partridges, without dog - you can shoot 5 ~ partridges.
for maximum safety, it is imperative that hunters go walking only in the line, they will shoot only in the front or back, minimum angle of shooting being : (45 degrees~200 m) | (65 degrees~100 m);

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