Mese vanatoresti

Mese vanatoresti, petreceri populare

Vanatoarea e frumoasa, dar si o indeletnicire hranitoare, de aceea seara dupa ce-am vanat toata ziua, vom manca si degusta cele mai gustoase meniuri vanatoresti preparate din vanatul impuscat de dvs, daca aveti o astfel de placere si pofta. 

party in Romania party in Romania
party in Romania retete-vanatoresti mese-vanatoresti



Romanian FOOD ~ Real Feast

Retete-vanatoresti  Retete-vanatoresti

The FOOD served to you will be only – BIO / ORGANIC – fresh purchased from the Country-Side (buy from the Romanian Villages - from the Peasants), cooked every day especially for you; we will eat something ~ meat ~ that was alive and healthy before, something ~ vegetables & greenery & fruits ~ picked on that day, something fresh not processed ... not stuffed with preservatives and E's…

We do NOT eat anything from the Supermarket, that food is poison…
We do NOT eat anything from the Restaurant from a predefined Menu, that food is normal and ordinary…
All the Food is prepared home-made, especially for you - by order, with special recipes, traditional Romanian and very tasty !

We have so many~many kinds of dishes...Romanian...unique brands...real delicacies:
- Sarmale
- Mamaliga cu branza si smantana
- Mici
- Ciorba romaneasca…de pasare…gaina, cocos, curcan…de porc…de vanat…
- Supa de gasca & Pilaf de gasca
- Babic & Carnati de Plescoi
- Covrigi de Buzau & Paine de casa la cuptor
- Branza de burduf & Bulz ciobanesc
- Plachie de peste
- Berbec/Miel la ceaun
- Vanat la tava
- Rata pe varza
- Slanina afumata
- Pomana porcului
- Jumari cu ceapa
- Fasole cu ciolan afumat

Hunting is beautiful and wonderful, but also a nutritious occupation, so in the evening, after we hunted all day, we can eat and taste the most delicious meals cooked of our game , if you have such a pleasure and appetite.

DESERT ~ sweets that will melt you for pleasure:
- Cozonac de casă cu miez de nuca si cacao
- Placinte moldovenesti ~ Poale in brau, cu branza dulce
- Clatite cu gem/dulceata de casa
- Chec cu cirese

DRINKS ~ will be also natural...without any E...or sugar...or any added substance:
- good wine ~ only naturally, from the wine cellar - directly from producers;
- wine at the carafe ... from the barrel ... not wine from the bottled;
- we want to serve you a famous and award-winning wine in the world from the region Pietroasele ( / ) : Tamaioasa Romaneasca (ămâioasă_românească ), Riesling, Feteasca regală, Merlot;
- “tuica” & “palinca” strong alcoholic beverages ~ traditional Romanian;
- “afinata” ~ liqueur from berries;
- many bottles of water during the Hunting ... hydration is very important, Hunting requires a lot of effort;

Your meal will be Full Board : Breakfast & Dinner at the Accommodation; Lunch is served in the hunting ground;
Your menu will be made with you...discussed before you are coming in Romania;
I hope eating with us you will remember your childhood - spent with your grandmother and grandfather - they are the ones who gave us : GOOD and TASTY food, in any 5 star restaurant we will not find such food...



if you are Arab and you want the food to be arabic menu ... with halal meat ...
my wife Maram, from Jordan, can be our private Chef !

Maram Arabic Food – Mancare Arabeasca in Romania:

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