Authorizations & Hunting Permit

Autorizatii de vanatoare

GEORGE Salcieanu organizes [ Hunting Parties/Expeditions in Romania ] which is carried out only LEGALLY: based on [ HUNTING AUTHORIZATIONS & TEMPORARY HUNTING PERMIT ] - issued only by the Hunting Associations, with which I collaborate.

HUNTING in Romania is possible for foreign citizens under the following conditions:
• to be legal Hunters in their Country;
• to know and accept all the rules, laws and conditions of Hunting in Romania;

The Entry in Romania with its own shot-gun is made :
• INVITATION to HUNTING in Romania - issued only by the Hunting Associations, with which I collaborate;
• the shot-gun that you want to bring in Romania for hunting must be specified in your Gun Permit : the mark, the series, the caliber;
The following data must be specified:
• the date of entry in Romania | departure date from Romania;
• the border crossing point;
• the period time and the game - hunting species - required;

Valid Documents (physical originals & legalized translations in English) required:
• Gun Permit / Firearm License;
• Hunting Permit / License (from the origin country);
• ID Card / Passport;
• International Medical Insurance - covering Hunting Accidents - valid throughout the stay / hunting parties in Romania;

You must have these documents - all together - in your name and valid: with them in Romania you will receive the Temporary Hunting Permit & Papers Hunting Authorizations for Hunting in Romania (for foreigner hunters: type of animal/bird ~ interval days ~ hunting area) - issued by the Hunting Association.

Hunting in Romania is carried out only in group (minimum 2), in the presence of a companion - the group organizer, who will be responsible for the protection, safety and organization of the hunting party in the best conditions.

RULES in Romania regarding the Safety of the Shot-Gun:
- on PLANE: the carrying of the shot-gun / ammunition in the main luggage is not allowed;
- on ROADS in Romania, outside the hunting area: the shot-gun will be kept only in the case/sheath, with a trigger lock;
- at the HOTEL / ACCOMMODATION: the shot-gun will be stored in one secure metal box, which must respect the specific legislation;

According to the Romanian Legislation:
- maximum number of bullets for each carbine is 50 and maximum 100 cartridges for each shotgun;
- caliber should not be less than 5.6 mm;
- hunting is prohibited with more than 3 cartridges in the shotgun charger;
- every hunter can have up to 2 guns, even if they are of the same caliber;
- hound (hunting dog) can be brought in Romania only accompanied by veterinary certificate which must not be older than 10 days before entering the country. The dog must be vaccinated against rabies, with at least 1 month and no more than 12 months before the date of entry in Romania;

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