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George Salcieanu - the Romanian HUNTER - George Salcieanu - the Romanian HUNTER -
George Salcieanu - Travel GUIDE International - George Salcieanu - Travel GUIDE International - George Salcieanu - Travel GUIDE International -
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My story... My grandfather...

I am GEORGE, born on June 20, 1981 in Buzau - and I LOVE HUNTING, passion inherited from my grandfather Ion Stoica, this wonderful "microbe"  that I ve got since I was little growing up in my grandparents house, the largest relaxation and hobby of my life, that fills my body with adrenaline and joy and continues a family tradition.
Even now I remember, with my mind's eye, those images of my childhood with the powder box printed with an image of hunting (two hunters in a boat, on the water, and a dog in front of it) on a red and yellow background, my grandfather making cartridges in the house, in winter, with crimping machine, yellow eyelets and bulk pellets, the hunting belt hanging near the stove for the cartridges to be "dry", and the gun kept in the porch or in the wine cellar, wich he never hide it from us, grandchildren, because he trusted us.


Even now I can hear the sound of the snow creak, made by my grandfather, in winter, when he returned from hunting on the prowl, I can still see that image as if it was in front of me - him entering on the door dressed in white robe and holding a rabbit in his hand, and telling us the whole evening how he stayed at prowl in vineyard, motionless, moving only his eyes, how the rabbits were runing on the field, how he shot the rabbit, all this stories entered in my heart, wich trembles even only when these are mentioned.
Obviously, my first hunt I did it with my grandfather, I think I was about 8 years old, and the first time when I fired a rifle I had 10 years, at a new year party - to shoot the year wich had passed - a habit, that my grandfather kept all his life, in every year (my grandmother used to told him from the house the exact moment when the clock turned 00:00, and he used to fire two times, up in the air, in front of the house, and the neighbors were saying, "Take him Mr. Stoica"), and when I was for the first time at hunting alone with the rifle I can not tell you ... because I would have problems :-)

The HUNTER Ion Stoica - from Salcioara / county Buzau - was truly Hunter example for me, because of how much he loved his gun, a classic german WERK- HAENEL-SUHL- (juxtaposited/12/Krupp steel - 4 rings), how much more he would like to chase the rabbits on the fields, his eyes were so good, he even saw them on den, a hobby that he will keep all his life up to 85 years (2012), and that led him with honor even at his death, when fellow hunters had fired salute shots at the grave, and the cartridge tubes had been thrown in the grave over him, according to the hunting tradition.

Ion Stoica - Vanator Ion Stoica - Vanator

In his honor and memory, I organize a Contest every year where I offer to the best Hunter - The Hunting Trophy "Ion Stoica"


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