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Venison Recipes Venison Recipes

My grandfather - Ion Stoica - was a great hunter and my Grandmother - Ion Maria - a great cook and a real housewife.

In my grandparent's House, in the village of Salcioara, I enjoyed the best and tasty dishes, prepared both from our farm and venison, cooked with great skill and attention.
It "makes my mouth water" when I think of this true delicacies (unprecedented anywhere in this whole world) cooked by my Granny:

- Rabbit to pot cooked in pork lard with polenta and pickles

- Soup goose with pepper and bio vegetable

- Wild boar stew with sausages and red wine

- Roe deer at tray with tomato sauce and paprika

- Quail with corn grilled

- Pheasant soup with dumplings and homemade noodles

- Partridge in the oven cooked on glass with herbs and garlic

- Pigeon cooked in white sauce

- Duck on cabbage or duck meat jelly with carrot and celery

At the fireside my Grandmother taught me how to make these recipes and to carry on this tradition in the family, so help me God to hunt a lot of game in this life, and to cook it for my children, grandchildren and why not to my great-grandchildren.

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